Take Me Out to the Ballgame (This Week’s MESC and NACHC CHI & EXPO Conferences)

The Washington Nationals are likely to be a hot topic of conversation in Chicago baseball circles ahead of their series with the Cubs later this week.

At the same time, progress at Washington D.C.’s state Medicaid agency (the Department of Health Care Finance, DHCF) and the DC Primary Care Association (DCPCA), could be just as big a topic in Chicago healthcare circles ahead of two Windy City conferences also taking place this week.

HealthEC is attending both the Medicaid Enterprise Systems Conference (MESC) and National Association of Community Health Centers’ Community Health Institute and EXPO, and looking forward to meeting with Medicaid and health center leaders to highlight our customers’ population health management and value-based care achievements.

Among the key highlights of our DHCF partnership has been supporting the development of a Medicaid data warehouse certified for reuse by CMS as well as the identification of a mismatch between capitation payments and enrollee eligibility, resulting in possible savings of $8 million for The District.

We’ll also focus on our work with DCPCA, a non-profit serving over 200,000 residents through nine Federally Qualified Health Centers (FQHCs) and community-based providers at more than 50 care delivery sites. We helped DCPCA combine seven years of clinical and claims data, as well as data from all the association’s FQHCs to create a community health record for each patient, regardless of which FQHC or provider within the FQHC environment cared for the patient. As a result DCPCA’s FQHCs:

· Have a complete timeline of clinical events for every one of the enrolled patients, enabling physicians to improve quality and patient outcomes with access to information within HealthEC’s robust data warehouse.

· Can now derive meaningful value from DHCF claims data and information from the HIE to stratify and manage assigned patient population, and use HealthEC’s tools and technology to enter into value-based contracting.

· Can track quality measures required for UDS reporting and contracting with MCOs.

· Can report on the performance of Health Homes beneficiaries attributed to the FQHCs.

And while we’re excited about what we’ve accomplished in Washington, we also look forward to discussing what we’ve done for our clients in other parts of the country and across the healthcare continuum. To learn more about HealthEC’s population health management and value-based care solutions and how we can help your organization leverage our platform, contact us today.

We hope to see you at one of these conferences, and maybe even at a Cubs game!

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